How to Make a Simple Quilt Top

Make a simple quilt top with a preprinted panel.

You can help your child make a simple quilt top by using a preprinted panel as the center. Make the quilt top the size you want by adding one or more borders.

There are many cute panels available and most are part of a line of fabrics designed for mixing and matching.

So shop online or pay a visit to your local quilt shop or fabric store today!

What you will need:
  • preprinted panel
  • fabric for the borders
  • scissors, measuring tape and straight pins
  • sewing machine and thread
  • iron and ironing board

Select and Prepare the Panel and Other Fabrics

  1. Choose a preprinted panel and coordinating fabrics for the borders.
  2. Prewash and dry all the fabrics, including the panel.
  3. Iron the panel and border fabrics. WARNING! This is an adult-only job!
  4. Trim the edges of the panel even and square, if necessary.
Add One or More Borders to the Panel

  1. Measure the panel sides and cut two border strips in the desired width to this length.
  2. Sew a border strip to each side of the panel with a ¼-inch seam and press the borders away from the panel, neat and flat.
  3. Measure across the top and bottom of the panel, including the side borders.
  4. Cut two border strips in the desired width to this length and sew them to the top and the bottom of the panel with ¼-inch seams.
  5. Press the top and bottom borders away from the panel, neat and flat.
  6. Repeat this process with other border fabrics until the quilt top reaches the desired finished size.

Congratulations - your quilt top is done!

Please note: Simple tutorials for finishing your quilt are coming soon and links to those articles will be added here.

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