How to Make a Simple Quilt Top

Make a simple quilt top with a preprinted panel.

You can help your child make a simple quilt top by using a preprinted panel as the center. Make the quilt top the size you want by adding one or more borders.

There are many cute panels available and most are part of a line of fabrics designed for mixing and matching.

So shop online or pay a visit to your local quilt shop or fabric store today!

What you will need:
  • preprinted panel
  • fabric for the borders
  • scissors, measuring tape and straight pins
  • sewing machine and thread
  • iron and ironing board

Select and Prepare the Panel and Other Fabrics

  1. Choose a preprinted panel and coordinating fabrics for the borders.
  2. Prewash and dry all the fabrics, including the panel.
  3. Iron the panel and border fabrics. WARNING! This is an adult-only job!
  4. Trim the edges of the panel even and square, if necessary.
Add One or More Borders to the Panel

  1. Measure the panel sides and cut two border strips in the desired width to this length.
  2. Sew a border strip to each side of the panel with a ¼-inch seam and press the borders away from the panel, neat and flat.
  3. Measure across the top and bottom of the panel, including the side borders.
  4. Cut two border strips in the desired width to this length and sew them to the top and the bottom of the panel with ¼-inch seams.
  5. Press the top and bottom borders away from the panel, neat and flat.
  6. Repeat this process with other border fabrics until the quilt top reaches the desired finished size.

Congratulations - your quilt top is done!

Please note: Simple tutorials for finishing your quilt are coming soon and links to those articles will be added here.

How to Make a Simple, Luxurious Tied Quilt

You can make a simple yet luxurious tied quilt in less than a day. You don’t need any batting and can finish the quilt by hand or by machine. This cozy quilt is a great project for kids and makes a perfect gift for any occasion. Delight your friends and family on birthdays or at Christmas. This quilt is so simple, you may even want to make one for everybody on your list!

Things you will need:
  • Plaid flannel sheet, twin size
  • 2 yards furry or poodle fleece
  • Coordinating yarn
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors
  • Ruler or tape measure
  • Thread
  • Hand sewing needle or sewing machine
  • Cardboard (optional)

1. Select the Sheet
Choose an evenly woven plaid flannel sheet in any color combination desired. An even weave is important as the lines will be used to guide tie placement and trim the outside edge.

Poodle fleece
2. Select the Fleece
Choose furry or poodle fleece in the color desired, either to coordinate or contrast with the plaid flannel.

3. Select the Yarn
A regular acrylic yarn in a color as close to that of the fleece is best.
Choosing yarn that closely matches the fleece ensures that it will be completely invisible on the furry fleece side of the quilt.

4. Prepare the Materials
Wash and dry the flannel sheet to prevent future shrinkage. Cut to desired finished quilt size using plaid lines as a guide. As the fleece is 58 inches wide and 72 inches long, the absolute maximum size the flannel can be cut is 52 inches by 66 inches. Cutting the flannel a few inches smaller than that each way will provide more leeway for trimming the fleece and turning the edge.

Lay the fleece out flat for a few hours or overnight to relax wrinkles or creases. For severe creasing, try tumbling the fleece in the dryer for 10-15 minutes without heat, if necessary.

5. Sandwich the Layers
Lay the fleece out flat, wrong side up, and gently smooth from the center to the edges. This can be done on a bed, the floor or any flat surface that is large enough to allow the fleece to lay completely flat and provide easy access to at least 3 sides. Do not worry if the fleece is not completely square. This will be taken care of later.

Lay the flannel, right side up, on top of the fleece and smooth, being careful not to shift or distort the fleece. At this point, the layers can be basted together, if desired. As the flannel often “grabs” the fleece, basting may be completely unnecessary.

Tied together
6. Tie the Quilt
Using a yarn needle threaded with the matching yarn, take a stitch through both layers every 4-6 inches along the plaid lines. For best results, put the needle back through both layers and bring it out again in about the same spots, forming a double stitch. Tie a square knot and trim the ends to about an inch or so. For best results, start in the center and work your way to the edges, smoothing both layers as you go. Continue until the entire quilt is tied.

Place a large piece of cardboard underneath the area being tied to provide a firm surface and prevent the needle from catching on the bedding or carpet.

7. Trim the Fleece
The flannel sheet was trimmed to the finished quilt size prior to sandwiching the layers together. Using the ruler or tape measure, trim the fleece on each side to be 3 or 4 inches larger than the flannel.

Finished edge
8. Turn the Edges and Sew
Working on one side at a time, fold the fleece toward the side with the ties so that the crease is even with the edge of the flannel. Fold the fleece under itself to meet the crease and pin in place. Hand or machine stitch close to the inside edge of the folded fleece. Repeat until all sides are sewn down. NOTE: There will be extra bulk at the corners so stitch slowly if sewing by machine.

Give the finished quilt as a gift or keep it for yourself. The flannel and fleece combine to make a truly luxurious yet simple quilt!

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