Commit to Quilt 20 Minutes Each Day!

Online Quilting Class
You know what they say about practice makes perfect…

Well, I’ve joined the Drop and Give Me 20 Challenge over at the Eva Paige Quilt Designs blog and for the month of February, I commit to quilt for 20 minutes each day. Now, by the rules of the challenge, any quilt-related activities count, not just actual quilting.
For my 20 minutes, I will practice free motion. I’m taking two free motion quilting classes on Craftsy right now so the timing of the challenge is perfect! And if I’m away from home during the month and can’t sit at my machine, I’ll spend my daily 20 minutes doodling new quilting designs to try out once I get home.

Quilt and sew with your child in 20 minute chunks...

You can accomplish a lot in just a few minutes, especially if you’re consistent over time. This is particularly important to remember when quilting and sewing with kids. Often, a child’s attention span won’t hold up for much more than 15-20 minutes. Set your kid up for success by breaking projects into doable chunks based on your child’s skill and focus levels.

Also, remember that not all 'quilting' has to involve sewing! What about having your child work on blocks for a crayon quilt?

And if you're looking for more ideas for projects to use with your child, check out Craftsy. There are plenty of patterns, projects and classes, and many are free! Why not enjoy a class together?


  1. Good luck with DaGMT! I am also signed up! How do you like the FMQ classes? I am doing one via a BOM in the blogosphere-but feel like I will need more! (we haven't started the FMQ portion yet.)

    1. I LOVE my Craftsy classes! I didn't have the bandwidth to do video online until recently but now that I can, watch out - I'm making up for lost time!

      Craftsy has a couple of BOMs (both free) and several other free classes so you can try it out. Well, they're brilliant because I signed up for a couple of free classes and was hooked.

      What I particularly like about it is that the classes NEVER expire. I can go back as often as I want for as long as I want. Way too cool!


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