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Craftsy offers a variety of online sewing and quilting classes that you can watch at your leisure. In addition, there are tons of patterns and member projects posted on the site. Membership at Craftsy is free and so is a lot of the content, including many patterns and some of the online classes.
Online Quilting Class
Join me in Leah Day's free motion class!
I just joined a few weeks ago and have signed up for several classes, both free and paid, and my favorite to-date is Free Motion Quilting a Sampler.  The instructor, Leah Day, is excellent and so is the course content and video quality. Although I’ve been sewing for nearly 50 years and quilting seriously for over a decade, I’m still learning lots! In fact, I’m heading into the sewing room shortly to try free motion stitch-in-the-ditch. Leah Day makes it look easy and if I can master it, I’ll save a ton of time!
One of the especially nice Craftsy features is that access to your classes never ends. That’s right – your classes are forever. I’ve done other online classes that are time-limited and it just doesn’t work for me. In addition, Craftsy members can post questions and their projects so you get to interact with your fellow students and see what others are doing.
Although I don’t have specific examples for this post, I’m sure that you can easily find more ideas for quilting and sewing with kids than you’ll ever have the time to use. Much of what is posted there is appropriate for beginners, so head on over and take a look!
Online Quilting Class


  1. Welcome to DaGMT! I'm so excited you are participating and I too love Craftsy!

  2. Glad to be participating, Beth! I'm going to use my 20 minutes each day on free motion quilting.

  3. Thanks for the cool ideas. I have a teenager who is just learning to sew and some of these projects would be good for boosting her confidence.

    I will also see you at the DaGMT!

    1. Craftsy has a couple of free Bag Making Basics classes that might be perfect for your teen - and the price is right! They're by Kristin Link and suitable for beginners. And not only does she do a really nice job on the class, you end up with a cool bag when you're done!


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