Crayon Quilts are a Great Project for Kids!

Crayola - Fabric Crayons, Wax, Eight Colors per Box
 I love crayon quilts! How fun for kids to color pictures and then see them on a blankie. Many years ago, my daughter’s preschool class created a crayon quilt to raffle as a fundraiser. I bought five tickets, one for each child, and my preschool daughter won! Over two decades later she still treasures that quilt.

I recently received the following question by email and would like to share my response.


Are crayon quilts made using crayons, or is it just the name used because of the look of the pictures?
Yes, crayon quilts are made using crayons. You can use regular crayons on 100% cotton fabric but need special fabric crayons when using a fabric that contains synthetics such as a cotton/polyester blend. 
Here are a few links that might be of help:
Although a crayon quilt is washable once the crayon is properly heat-set, to better preserve the colors and detail you might want to reserve this technique for items that won't require frequent laundering. Enjoy your project!
Creative Quilting With KidsI encourage you to make a crayon quilt with your children or grandchildren. If a full quilt is too much to take on, make small individual wallhangings instead. Also, consider organizing a class project to raise money for your local preschool. You’ll be glad you did!

If you need ideas or step-by-step instructions for working with a group of children, get a copy of Creative Quilting with Kids by Maggie Ball.

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