Fleece Poncho to Make with the Kids

Photo courtesy of //Between the lines//
Between the Lines has a nice tutorial for making a fleece poncho that is a perfect sew-with-a-kid project. Just sew two seams, hem the neck, cut the fringe and you’ve got a warm and stylish garment for winter weather! The measurements are given in cm so I calculated the conversion to inches - the 63cm x 44cm rectangles equal approximately 25x18 inches.

Great Gift Idea, Too!

I’ve actually got a bunch of fleece I bought on sale for kid-quilt backs. Now I’m thinking maybe I should make some ponchos instead. With several grandkids in snowy places and Christmas right around the corner, they might come in real handy. And speaking of gifts, the poncho is the first in a series of DIY gift ideas so check out the others while visiting Between the Lines. And if that isn’t enough, look at all the posts labeled Sewing with Kids.

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